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Cannabis Solutions-Cultivation & Production

Cannabis Solutions-Cultivation & Production
The Leader in Cannabis Integrated Security and Surveillance Solutions and Systems
As Countries, States, Provinces, and Territories are following suit to legalize and make marijuana/cannabis accessible to consumers through medical and recreational programs, there’s been a growing need for higher level professional security parameters and surveillance programs at cannabis licensed producers and suppliers of all sizes.

The cannabis licensed producers face many security challenges in today’s ever-changing world such as:

  • Theft

  • Vandalism

  • Trespassers and unauthorized access or attempts

  • Monitoring employee activity and productivity

  • Monitoring visitors and guests

  • Crime and illicit activity

  • Crop conditions

  • Cyber related threats and risks

  • And much more


Without a proper professional multi-layered security and surveillance system in place, your growth operations can be vulnerable to experiencing these security challenges at a bare minimum.

Protect Your Operations and Business Starting Today

Tri West Integrated Solutions is a full-service integrated security and surveillance firm, who not only provides you with the latest in proven cutting edge and state of the art technology, but works with you throughout the process from the designing of your security plan to compliance audits and through the monitoring and maintenance of your systems and sites, no matter the location or setup. We offer you state-of-the-art access control and intrusion detection systems which are complimented with a high-definition IP-based video surveillance system to ensure that your site(s) are secured from the perimeter to all interior areas. We help you focus in and design a comprehensive system that answers and works to the three important areas of your business/operations – Compliance to any and all Regulations, Insurance standards, and Operations and health and safety.

Security Services Overview

  • Video Surveillance: Our state of the art high-definition cameras allow you to cast virtual security nets and barricades in key areas around your dispensary. Our surveillance solution for your dispensary utilizes the latest in secured and trusted video technology for analytical/non-analytical camera technology.
  • Access Control and Intrusion Systems: Through the use of advanced security options such as a ULC Intrusion Detection System paired with the coveted MIFARE 256-bit encryption access control, we ensure that every movement, activity, and person are documented and tracked throughout the interior or exterior of the property 24/7. The use of sensors, identification cards or biometrics and visual monitoring are the most proven and effective ways to track and prevent unauthorized access to areas where cannabis is present, in restricted areas inside your dispensary, or any unauthorized entry into restricted areas during business hours and afterhours into any areas of the business.
  • 24/7 Operations Center: Our highly skilled staff will continually monitor your property through the state of the art surveillance systems to identify potential threats and risk to the site at all times. Your UL/ULC intrusion system will be continually supervised and monitored for any onsite issues from simply system maintenance or communication service to high level panic alarms and onsite after hour alarms.

Due to the nature of these facilities and in some cases the locations we also provide an onsite high-level security and onsite management of systems and protocols through our Tri West ASF (Advanced Security Force) program.


Because of the vastness of a producer and it’s tens of thousands to millions of dollars of valuable equipment, plants, and technology, they’ve often become a target for thieves or illicit or suspicious activity. But by adding a properly laid out Tri West integrated security, surveillance, and onsite high level security platform, it mitigates and eliminates the high risk of that from ever happening. Our deep security and surveillance know-how ensures that your business and operations is well protected from any internal and external threats at all times.

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