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Electronic Access Control Systems

We provide a variety of access control solutions for commercial, financial, government entities and residences. We strive to deliver the right equipment, products and technology based on your specific needs and requirements. Our access control management systems can be remotely managed to help you better manage your employees and customers, for monitoring or hosted solutions through Tri West. Access control systems enhance your business operations and help protect your people, assets and facilities. The highly equipped access control systems ensure physical protection to your properties, vaults, safes and depositories on all levels. All phases of installation, configuration, layout, maintenance and testing are efficiently handled by our professional local service and support staff.

Electronic access control systems: Our electronic access control systems provide smart ways to control access to your property or business. These electronic systems use advanced technology that enables you to keep a complete record of the access activity. We have a variety of electronic cards/keyfobs/remotes and readers that ensure 24/7 administration of employees and visitors.

Biometric access control systems: Our biometric access control solutions comprise of identification scanners and locks which are integrated with advanced biometric technology. The biometric solutions include a fingerprint scanner, biometric server racks, iris and facial identification technology options. These control systems have the ability to integrate with any existing system or setup on a brand new system by Tri West.

Managed and hosted access control: Hosted access control systems are easy to access cloud-based solutions that help you manage user permission and access in real time. These solutions can facilitate you to administer your staff online 24/7 without installing any software through having Tri West host and manage your access control solution.

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