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Business Alarm Security Vancouver – At Triwestis we provide high quality Camera Surveillance Systems, Biometric Security, Video Surveillance

Business Alarm Security Vancouver:

According to a recent crime report, victims of burglary lost a total of approximately $3.9 billion in assets, property damage, and theft. This doesn’t account for the emotional and psychological damage it leaves on business owners, employees, clients, visitors, guests, and families.
With this in mind, without having a well-protected surveillance and security system monitoring your business, you are vulnerable to multiple threats. Tri west Integrated Solutions can design a security program to help you protect your company, business, and investment.

Protect Your Business Today with Tri-West Integrated Solutions Most Advanced Integrated Surveillance and Security Packages

At Tri West Integrated Solutions, the safety of your business is our business! We understand that you take pride in your business, your staff, and your team members, and the safety of the entire operation is high on your list of priorities. This what we keep in mind at Tri West Integrated Solutions, when we undertake our approach during the design and installation of a custom integrated surveillance and security package for your business. We design a complete integrated security and surveillance plan that offers comprehensive and multi-layered protection to ensure your business is well secured from any internal and external threats such as fire, water damage, theft, vandalism, tracking of visitors, and guest movement. Put simply, our business alarm security systems are the best in the business – that’s our commitment to you!

We offer a complete integrated security and surveillance plan that accommodates small, medium and large businesses. The features offered include but are not limited to the following:


  • Advanced intrusion and ULC systems

  • Standard, Advanced MIFARE/DESFIRE, and biometric security access control

  • Enterphone/intercom systems

  • Video surveillance and advanced analytic systems

  • Analytical video surveillance for monitoring, tracking, and mapping visitors to your business, facility, or site

  • Remote video and alarm response monitoring services

  • Cyber security solutions for your security systems at site and remote management

Tri West has protected hundreds of businesses and has given them the peace of mind that their business is in safe hands at all times! If you are wondering how to secure your business, we are available to provide a variety of solutions for you.

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