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Enterphone and Intercom Systems Vancouver

Enterphone and intercom systems provide the most cohesive solutions that ensure the protection of your commercial or residential site when it comes to allowing and restricting access that works with your access control system. These Enterphone and Intercom Systems enhance the security of your premises and improve the communication by tracking accurate logging of visitors, staff, and anyone trying to gain entry through these locations. We provide entry phones in a variety of finishes and many different types are available from a single line to multi LCD, monochrome, color systems, and full touch screen interactive units.

Standalone systems:  Standalone systems which are mostly found in older buildings equipped with Enterphone and Intercom Systems Vancouver. These systems work on dedicated telephone handsets usually placed at the front door of the resident. With the use of an intercom, you can see or hear who is at the door and decide if you want to let them in. Standalone systems are appropriate for residential houses that have frequent couriers or visitors. Additionally a lot of existing sites in recent times have worked to upgrade their systems to work with ‘todays’ smartphone technology and we can work with you to upgrade your standalone system into an integrated and connected solution as required, or maintain and update the standalone system.

Integrated systems: In integrated systems, there can be video, audio, data stations, and master controllers. Such systems ensure the 24-hour security of your office, commercial, industrial, or residential site. The integrated systems provide fully featured communication solutions which can handle complex call routing and communication to multiple stations or contacts at once. Also, call diversion based on time schedule is also possible and integrated systems can be programmed via software locally on site, remotely or through a Tri West managed solution.

Multi-tenant/unit/building systems: Our multi-building systems for entry phone systems include a dialer entry phone panel which works on your standard telephone line or internet connection to communicate to the residents to programmed phone numbers through its software. This serves as the best option for buildings accommodating any number of suites where a phone line or internet connection is available. When the tenants or users don’t have a landline phone system, they can use their cell phones to answer the calls at the front door or entry point if programmed and updated to the system software.

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