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Why Tri West?

Tri West Integrated Solutions has been the industry leader in providing extensive expertise and complete, advanced surveillance and security solutions for home and business owners, construction sites, government agencies, the cannabis industry, and many more.

We pride ourselves in providing a more personalized touch when working and designing a complete security systems program for our clients. Tri West strives to understand your needs so that you can rest assured that we only sell you on what you need. This is our commitment to our customers.

We’ll provide you with the most superior and advance surveillance than needed in the market. And how do we that?

Tri West Integrated Solutions only works with the best and proven products in the industry from reputable companies. We focus on giving you the service and expectations that you deserve.

Have you been frustrated with not getting a call back from your current provider or other companies that you call for security and surveillance? Well, rest assured that we won’t be another one of those companies. When you call Tri West Integrated Solutions, a real person answers and calls you back. Our customer service professionals are there to assist you with your needs and wants and get you to the person you need to talk too or the service you need addressed.

At Tri West Integrated Solutions, we listen to our client and sell them nothing but the best equipment and products, which will meet or exceed your security needs. We design a tailored and complete security and surveillance package for you whether it’s for your business, home, government agency, construction site, and much more! We do this to ensure that we put together the best solution at the best price and are always there for you.

We never want to sell you a poorly designed system that keeps failing on you. We want to ensure that you’re always well protected 100% of the time! At all times!

Our Core Values:

These are what we hold strong in our business and are the lifeblood of our business. These values are what guide our actions and set the tone for our business culture and are what pushes us to give you, our customers, the best products, systems, and service each and every day.
Peace Of Mind

We are committed to ensuring our clients have peace of mind that they made the right decision by choosing us to protect the things they care about

Industry Best Products
We believe in using the best products from reputable companies; products that are industry proven and tested. We work to educate the market place about quality and avoid the use of ‘grey market’ products or products that come from a questionable source for equipment and systems.
Personalized Touch
We believe in providing each of our customers with customized security and surveillance solutions. Each system is designed to meet your needs and protect the things that are important to you. We do not believe in offering cookie cutter solutions.
We work to treat and service clients with the same standards and levels from homeowners to large multi-national international clients.
Cost Effective
While designing a proper system for your needs and wants, we will work with you to manage your budget and expectations. We strive to meet your needs and budgets while working with industry-leading technology and systems that will give you peace of mind for years to come.
Proven Results
With our tailored and designed systems, our current and past clients have experienced a major decrease in theft, vandalism, illicit activity, break-ins, and overall site security. We help markets of all size from homeowners, businesses, commercial, cannabis dispensaries, and many more.

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