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Car Dealership Security

Tri West Provides Cutting Edge Complete Security and Surveillance Solutions For Car Dealerships and the Auto Industry (Car Dealership Security)

Your Car Dealership Security or facility faces common security concerns that can harm the way you operate your dealership or facility. These common security concerns include:

  • Auto Theft.

  • Employee and customer safety.

  • Vandalism.

  • Workplace safety.

  • Fraudulent claims

  • Internal theft or misconduct

  • And much more!

Over the years car dealerships and industry related facilities have become attractive targets for thieves who want to steal, damage, vandalize, or in some extreme cases, commit harm. This is why it’s more important than ever to have a complete integreated security and surveillance plan in place to safeguard against any potential threat to your property, inventory, business, and most importantly staff and clients. However, even the best traditional surveillance and security systems fail to offer a supreme level of protection.

This is why we invite you to come behind the shield of Tri West as we can show you how to protect your business on all levels.

Providing Your Dealership With The Peace Of Mind That It’s Being Well Protected

At Tri West Integrated Solutions, we strive to enhance safety and security at dealerships and industry related facilities or businesses to protect it from any threat. Because of the value of your inventory that is sitting out in the open in most cases, we take extra care in ensuring your dealership and business stays safe! We design a complete integrated security and surveillance plan that is tailored to your Car Dealership Security needs for around the clock security and surveillance. By installing a Tri West complete integrated security and surveillance system package, it benefits you by:

  • Preventing and Deterring Theft.
  • Tracking customers and visitors during open hours and more importantly, after hours.
  • Monitoring employee performance and habits
  • Protecting buildings, inventory, employees, and customers.
  • Having professionally monitored and managed systems
  • Utilizing a remote video surveillance monitoring solution
  • And much more!

Tri West Integrated Solutions uses intelligent security and surveillance technologies from access control, to intrusion control systems, to video surveillance solutions, and much more to ensure your security is taken care of from day one we turn on your system.


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