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Tri West 360° Care


Tri West 360 Care is a comprehensive system offering maintenance and life cycle management services that have been designed as “easy to select packages” from basic services to complete and comprehensive coverage. It will provide you with everything you need to maximize the return on your investment, minimize downtime, and plan for the future of your system and its related and required solutions.

The Tri West 360 Care program is designed based on your current needs as of today, while keeping tomorrow’s requirements in focus. This means that you select the package with the right services based on need, budget and risk profile. Tri West 360 Care is not limited to system components added by Tri West, but also includes pre-existing systems that may be at your site that will stand behind the shield and care of the selected program.

Tri West and its experienced team will take care of the responsibility of managing and maintaining your critical systems and solutions and provide you the peace of mind and freedom to focus on your business and its multiple priorities.

Members of the 360 Care Service will enjoy a substantial reduction in labour rates, from regular hours, expedited service, after hours services as well as new products or project installation.

As significant benefit of the program is that additional charges will not apply for remote service and priority response requests. Same day service either onsite or remotely, will ensure you are operational and back up and running quickly.

The 360 Care Program will allow you to stay on top of your systems operations and overall health. of your system. With the system health monitoring, the systems that are monitored include the network connections, to operational temperatures, to system software updates, and much more. System downtime is minimized while keeping all critical components and hardware operating at their peak performance.

We will undertake an on-site review of your site and perform at a minimal level comprehensive cleaning of servers, workstations, switches, camera enclosures, controller boards, dust filters and more. We will test and replace batteries, physically review and inspect all field devices, apply critical system patches, and force password refreshes to maintain the integrity of the systems security. A maintained system is a healthy system, and a healthy system is one that will operate efficiently for years to come and with the intent to maximize its performance longevity while minimizing the cost of operation.

Tri West 360 Care also offers under its programs – Managed and Hosted Solutions, Warranty Extensions, Hardware replacement co-share programs, alarm monitoring, fire monitoring, monthly training or re-training, cyber security analysis/investigation/prevention, and much more.

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