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Mining / Industrial

Mining Companies Can Benefit Greatly From A Cutting Edge Complete Integrated Surveillance and Security Plan That Prevents Harm To Mines On All Levels

Mining companies face several risks and challenges that can harm or hinder the general operations of a mine of any size and scale. Mining environments are harsh and face many security challenges such as vandalism, theft, and unwanted or unauthorized access. Barbed wire fences and simple perimeter alarms are no longer enough to protect your mine from unauthorized access and trespassing or critical infrastructure and assets at your mine from being damaged or stolen.

Mines today face a number of security and life safety concerns such as:

  • Site personnel management through check-in/check-out systems

  • Personnel emergency responders and trackers

  • Unauthorized entry during business operations or during off-season time

  • Management and tracking of critical infrastructure equipment, machinery, and more

  • Management of the systems and security protocols onsite and remotely

At Tri West Integrated Solutions, we protect your mine so we can keep out the harm and dangers that may occur when unauthorized person(s) enter a mine or site. We deliver a customized, tailored security and surveillance plan that suits your needs and specifications regardless of the location from local operations to the most remote and seclude sites.

Due to the nature of these sites and in some cases the locations we also provide an onsite high-level security and onsite management of systems and protocols through our Tri West ASF (Advanced Security Force) program. Click here to learn more about these offerings and services.

We help you keep the internal and external threats out so that you improve the safety and security of your mine for your staff, visitors, investors, and the community or communities you are operating in.

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