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1080P Video Cameras For Residential Security Systems.


1080P Video Cameras For The Best Alarm Home Systems – Stay Safe and Connected 24/7

At Tri West Integrated Solutions, we customize, design and install alarm home security systems, surveillance, and automation solutions that complement your lifestyle and budget.

We pride ourselves on providing you the peace of mind, while you are at home or away by providing you with security solutions to suit your needs and budget.

We offer the latest and most advanced home intrusion, video surveillance, the best IP Cameras, home control, and automation solutions that protect your home 24/7 from external threats and environmental changes to energy and home management. Our home monitoring and security systems include quality products and solutions and work with you to keep your home as safe as possible.

We only work with industry-tested hardware and software and proven commercial, professional products from reputable companies in order to provide the highest quality to protect your home! Our home surveillance cameras are High-Definition 1080P video cameras that capture at 1080P video cameras and up to 30 fps, meaning that you’ll get high-quality resolution when you need it the most. A blurry photo is useless for circulating on social media or providing as evidence in the event of a burglary, property damage, vandalism, or home invasion.

Our cameras also offer built-in infrared capabilities and optional analytics so that they can capture clearer images in low light conditions. These video surveillance systems offer video-verified alerts and prompts of any activity at any time so you can be proactive in getting top priority police response when needed. Police will be able to utilize evidence that your home surveillance equipment is able to produce, meaning that you’ll have a much higher chance of the suspect being apprehended.

Specialty Residential Services

Additional comfort technology features that many our customers enjoy as an add-on to their security system included:

  • Remotely adjusting the lighting and temperature of your home from anywhere in the world.

  • Flood sensors that monitor water tanks and potential water risk areas 24/7 monitoring of liquor cabinets, safes, and valuables.

  • Remotely manage and use smart locks for entry points.

  • Secured gating options.

  • Remote video management and monitoring with our 24/7 Operations Centre.

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