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Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

The chemical & petrochemical industry has changed in the post 9/11 world and even in recent years with new threats and risks abound. Since the establishment of the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (“CFATS”), it’s set a precedent for how thousands of chemical and petrochemical manufacturers should manage their security and surveillance operations at a minimum. Moving forward, chemical & petrochemical manufacturers are required to install a complete surveillance and security plan that secures the facility from the perimeter to interior areas, and in todays connected world remotely from cyber-attacks. However not only are chemical & petrochemical manufacturers vulnerable to a terrorist or extremist attack, but they face many internal and external threats such as fire and security breaches that could force a shutdown that costs millions, vandalism, and in extreme cases injuries to employees, visitors, and clients.

Chemical and Petrochemical sites face several threats and risks in today’s work such as:

  • Unauthorized access and trespassers to sites and restricted areas

  • Terrorist/extremist/eco-activist threats and attacks

  • Worker safety and management

  • Logging and managing visitors and guests

  • Production, facility and site asset management for security and surveillance

  • Cyber related attacks and threats to your integrated security systems

Our integrated surveillance and security plan utilizes the latest in industry proven technologies, and the features of our advanced surveillance and security plan include:

  • UL/ULC level Intrusion detection systems
  • Enterphone/intercom systems
  • High Definition IP Video and IP smart analytical video surveillance systems
  • Standard, Advanced MIFARE/DESFIRE, and biometric access control
  • Smart alarm systems
  • And much more!

This is why industry professionals turn to Tri West Integrated Solutions, as we help prevent any accidents from harming your chemical or manufacturing plant or sub-stations. At Tri West, we design a tailored integrated surveillance and security plan that ensures you’re safe from any disasters that occur or threats to your operation and facility. We deliver comprehensive protection of chemical and petrochemical facilities, from plants and terminals to truck or railcar loading stations to mobile solutions to substations and remote operation points. Our advanced and complete integrated surveillance and security package is designed from the ground up, helping you safeguard against the worst damages, risks, and threats to your facility and operations on all levels.

Working with the latest in industry tested and proven technologies, Tri West gives you the peace of mind that your facility is in good hands 24/7!

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