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Cannabis Security – Triwest Integrated Solutions: We offer the best Cannabis Security in the business. Ensure Your Dispensary Is Safe with Our 24/7 Operations Center.

We Bring Our Deep Security and Surveillance Know – How to Protect Your Dispensary – Cannabis Security

Over the years since medical marijuana has been legalized, there has been an increase in thefts and other crimes at dispensaries. In fact, an American police report found out that there was a 50% increase in robberies and burglaries at dispensary shops. However not only do these dispensaries pose the threat of having a highly desirable product, but they often have large amounts of cash and other assets at the dispensary at any time and they need to be properly secured.

Without having a complete integrated security and surveillance plan in place, your dispensary can easily become a “soft target” for thieves looking to exploit your dispensary.

Ensure Your Dispensary Stays Safe With Our State-Of-The-Art Integrated Surveillance and Security Solutions.

At Tri West Integrated Solutions, the safety of your dispensary is our top priority! This is why we provide you with a highly advanced security and surveillance plan, that will help mitigate threats and security risks at your dispensary while you are open for business and closed with no one at site. We only use proven and industry tested security and surveillance products that come from reputable companies that ensure your dispensary is well-protected on a physical on-site level as well as electronically for remote monitoring and management.

We design and install complete intrusion, access control, and 24/7 video surveillance systems to control and monitor the entire premises of your dispensary at all times ensuring your staff and clients are in a safe environment, and that your inventory is as secure as possible. Additionally, all persons and activities on the premises will be identified, recorded, and documented at all times.

We guarantee we will meet and exceed all your cannabis security concerns and needs for your dispensary business.

A Fully Customizable Security and Surveillance Plan for Your Dispensary

At Tri West Integrated Solutions, we are one of the leaders in providing a complete surveillance and security system for the cannabis industry. We specialize in providing a full-service integrated security and surveillance system that is tailored to your dispensary and your unique needs for your business. This is why each cannabis integrated security project begins with a complete assessment of your dispensary and an in-depth meeting to identify any risks or challenges your dispensary faces prior to a tailored design being presented. We do this so that we can implement and design the right security and surveillance solution for your cannabis dispensary to ensure that you have the best security on site and the ability to remotely manage and monitor your dispensary from anywhere in the world.

Work With You Throughout The Licensing Process

We work closely with you during the licensing process so that you meet and exceed the expectations outlined to operate an authorized and secure dispensary. This attention to detail and commitment to working with you to ensure that your dispensary meets its security requirements and is scalable for all future needs is part of the Tri West IS Solution we put into each and every project.

Security Services Overview

  • Access Control and Intrusion Systems: Through the use of advanced security options such as a ULC Intrusion Detection System paired with the coveted MIFARE 256-bit encryption access control, we ensure that every movement, activity, and person are documented and tracked throughout the interior or exterior of the property 24/7. The use of sensors, identification cards or biometrics and visual monitoring are the most proven and effective ways to track and prevent unauthorized access to areas where cannabis is present, in restricted areas inside your dispensary, or any unauthorized entry into restricted areas during business hours and after hours into any areas of the business.

  • Video Surveillance: Our state of the art high-definition cameras allow you to cast virtual security nets and barricades in key areas around your dispensary. Our surveillance solution for your dispensary utilizes the latest in secured and trusted video technology for analytical/non-analytical camera technology.

  • 24/7 Operations Center: Our highly skilled staff will continually monitor your property through the state of the art surveillance systems to identify potential threats and risk to the site at all times. Your UL/ULC intrusion system will be continually supervised and monitored for any onsite issues from simply system maintenance or communication service to high level panic alarms and onsite after hour alarms.

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