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Property Management Security Vancouver

Enhance Safety and Security at Your Property and Facility with Tri West’s Complete Security and Surveillance Solutions –

As a property or facility manager, your people look up to you to provide a safe and secure environment. You can face many security challenges such as vandalism, internal and external threats, and unwanted trespassers entering your facility or property, and many more. This is why using a complete integrated security and surveillance program can help keep your property safe from being a target for crime, vandalism, illicit activity, or unwanted person(s).

Property and facility management today face threats and security risks in today’s changing world, such as:

  • Bylaw infractions

  • Trespassing

  • Vandalism

  • Break-ins to the property, vehicles, and units inside the location

  • Safety of the tenants and guests

  • Cyber threats to the site systems and IP security systems

Our integrated surveillance and security system utilizes the latest in industry-proven technologies, and the features of our advanced surveillance and security systems include:

  • High Definition Video and smart analytical video surveillance systems

  • Enterphone/intercom systems

  • Smart alarm systems

  • Standard, Advanced MIFARE/DESFIRE, and biometric access control

  • UL/ULC level Intrusion detection systems

  • And much more!

Take Control Starting Today!

At Tri West Integrated Solutions, we provide property management companies and facility managers with advanced integrated surveillance and security solutions to help keep their property and facility safe. Our surveillance and security solutions are tailored to your property or facilities needs and specifications from security to surveillance to access to remote management and so much more. We have everything you need to plan and implement a cutting-edge integrated security and surveillance solution for your property and facility.

Safety and Security at Your Property and Facility

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