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At Triwestis we Provide Smart Home Security, Wifi Alarms,
Commercial Alarms and much more…

Integrated Security Solutions

Home Security Systems and Commercial Security System Solutions Tailored & Personalized To Your Needs.

From working with different customers in different industries, we’ve learned that most customers need integrated security solutions that are tailored to fit their needs and requirements, not a cookie-cutter system or design.

This is why we are proud to work with markets of any size from the individual homeowner and small business, to the large, multi-national business organizations and enterprises to the in-depth requirements in the Cannabis industry worldwide. No matter what your size, we work with you to design an integrated system that fits your needs and desires for today while keeping tomorrow’s requirements in focus.

Tri West Integrated Solutions has been the industry leader in providing extensive expertise and complete advanced surveillance and security solutions for Smart Home Security, WIFI Alarm, Commercial Alarms, Construction Site Monitoring, Camera Thermal Imaging, Biometric Security, and Alarm Monitoring systems for the Cannabis and Dispensary Industry. Serving Vancouver, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Squamish, and surrounding areas.

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Our expertise:

In designing customized integrated Alarm Monitoring System Solutions for a diverse group of clients throughout many different industries has given us some great insight into how to meet the needs of our clients in the most practical and economical means.


Tri West – Surviliance System :

Has proudly partnered with several leading Alarm Company Monitoring Systems and equipment professionals for the past 10 years. We diligently eliminate any manufactures we identify that come from a ‘grey market’ regions around the world or have alignments with state owned operations.


Each of our integrated Biometrical Security projects, Smart Home Security Systems and Commercial Alarms:
From standalone systems to multi-site, national and multi-national systems begin with a thorough, in-depth complimentary assessment that determines your unique risk factor!

Identifying the Security Risk for your Home or Business is a priority


For Accessing to Your Biometric Security, Camara Thermal Imaging or any other Alarm Monitoring Systems Ask for your Complimentary Assessment!

Each of our integrated security projects from standalone systems to multi-site, national, and multi-national systems begins with a thorough, in-depth complimentary assessment that determines your unique Risk Factor!

This crucial assessment may be conducted virtually, by phone, or by scheduling a time for a formal walkthrough of your site or facility.
After we discuss and review the results of your assessment to identify any additional requirements, needs, and desires, we enter into the Customized Design Phase where we provide recommendations for Review, Identify necessary Revisions and the related Installations for the project.

Once your new sophisticated synchronized system is installed, you will have access to our optional Monitoring and Maintenance Services as may be required to ensure optimal system performance for future years of your operation.

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