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Restaurant Security Systems in Vancouver B.C.

Your Restaurant, Pub, Food Industry or Entertainment facilities has numerous and multiple security challenges throughout any given day, such as kitchen fires, power outages, employee theft, vandalism, break-ins, water damage, food storage and monitoring, as well as safety liabilities and claims. This is why it is more important than ever to have an integrated security solution so you are prepared for those unexpected times.

At Tri West Integrated Solutions, we design a complete integrated security and surveillance plan that protects your restaurant or business from any hazards. Because restaurant security is so vital, our systems and plans are tailored to your businesses particular needs.

Alarm Company Monitoring for the safety and security of your business and your investment is our top priority, so you’ll have the peace of mind that your business and operations are always safely protected. Some exceptional feature and highlights of our advanced integrated surveillance and security solutions for restaurants include but are not limited to: Advanced alarms systems that notify of any fire and water damage, temperature variations, carbon dioxide, and theft.

  • Video verification and advanced video analytical systems

  • Access control and time/attendance systems for employee management

  • Additional threats and risks include:

  • Worker safety and management

  • Logging and managing employees

  • Unauthorized access and trespassers to sites and restricted/employee areas

  • Production, facility and site asset management for security and surveillance

  • For advance integrated surveillance technology and monitoring systems, Tri West Integrated

  • Solutions will provide your with the comfort you need knowing your investment and operations are protected 24/7.

  • Restaurant Security Systems


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