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Educational Institution

Tri West Integrated Solutions Is Committed To Providing Better Security and Surveillance Monitoring For Educational Institutions of all sizes

The benefits of having an integrated security and surveillance plan in place at schools, colleges, and universities, are undeniable, especially in today’s ever-changing world. The security challenges facing educational institutions range from many such as theft, vandalism, assaults, unauthorized or attempts to enter restricted areas, and false alarms. With this in mind, it’s important that your educational institution harbors a safe environment for students, teachers, and all persons at the institution at all times.

Protect Your Institution Today With Tri West’s Most Advanced Security and Surveillance Solutions.

At Tri West Integrated Solutions, we provide cutting-edge security and surveillance products so that we provide you the peace of mind, that your students, facility, visitors, and teachers are well protected. We provide school safety, security, and surveillance solutions for private and public schools from K-12, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions alike.
We work with you to design a tailored security and surveillance plan that’s fit for your needs and specifications. The security and surveillance solutions we employ are only from the best of the best from systems to procedures and install practices. We install intrusion detection systems, video surveillance systems, visitor management systems, access control solutions, and much more so that we do the best to safeguard against any potential harm or threats to your educational institution.

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