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Your phone rings for the third time today. It’s a client you are not looking forward to talking to because last night’s break in at your construction site resulted in a loss of two pallets of copper, tools and they even smashed out a window on the front end loader while trying to joy-ride. Rest easy these days? Not a chance!

Unbelievable! How are you going to smooth this one over?

The financial loss calculates quickly in your head as you try to shake it off. Now your project is behind, the pressure’s thick and everybody’s counting on you to figure this out! Fed up and exasperated at the sheer gull of whoever got in here infuriates you because now you have to deal with angry clients.

How did this happen anyways? You thought you had it all covered.  The guards you put in place to patrol were at the other side of the property on a site walk when they heard the glass shatter. They said they raced over immediately but it was too late, the damage was done and the thieves had already grabbed what they could carry and bolted.  You had a few cameras set up but it was too dark and all it caught were some hooded blurry blobs making off with expensive hardware, leaving you to be woken up to this disaster.  This could cost you your reputation. The phone rings again, jolting you from your thoughts.  There’s no time to rest! Taking a deep breath, you close your eyes, sink into your chair and answer the phone to disclose this terrible news.

You think back to the other day and remember the meeting you had with that funny security rep that warned that this might happen. You didn’t think it would happen here with what you had already invested, but you were sorely mistaken. Sifting through your cards, you call the rep back and ask for a site audit to get some numbers and suggestions to move forward with so this will never happen again.

Sound familiar? Why take the chance of something happening? How much would that loss mean to you and is it really worth all that hassle to save a few bucks at the end of the day?

With all my years in investigations, I’ve seen so many situations where an unfavorable outcome could have been intercepted or prevented, just by having the knowledge and information available at crucial moments so they could be addressed.  With the technology available today you can manage your site and get alerts sent to your mobile device or tablet 24/7 so you can rest easy, have more flexibility in the day, you can access multiple properties from one platform and you can be less dependent on security guards on site or use it to compliment what you already have in place.

Invest in security that makes sense.

Educate yourself on what kind of technology is available on the market today or if you would rather, I can come assess what you have currently in place and help you out there too.

Feel free to connect with us by phone or email to set up an Executive Briefing. We’d love to explore possibilities of how we might be able to help prevent you from losing profit, reputation and time.

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Your phone rings for the third time today. It’s a client you are not looking forward to talking to because last night’s break in at