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My heart lunged sharply to my throat and time stood still…

I remember it as if it were only yesterday.  I thought that my neighborhood was safe! The magnitude of the losses humbled my body to the floor and I was left doe-eyed in utter disbelief that this could happen to me.

Looking out my dining room window, I noticed it was an abnormally gorgeous, picturesque day in Vancouver. In a cloudless sky soared a single bald eagle that glided softly to its nest that was nuzzled in the tall branches of the old maple trees behind my house.  It had been a crazy few months getting my new store prepped and ready for its grand opening today. Sipping my coffee, I smiled at the thought of how amazing my store would look and daydreamed momentarily about its success. I invested my life’s savings into manifesting a business that embodied my passions; a beautifully inviting and relaxing bohemian book store and café that also housed unique trinkets and treasures from around the world. I had collected these in many of my travels and longed to share their history to willing ears.

I had musicians and artists ready to perform and so much invested in advertising at this incredible location I scored in Yaletown, it was perfect! This is going to be an amazing day! Excited, I chugged the last of my coffee and raced to my store to get ready for opening. I parked my car and started up the concrete stairwell to my storefront when I was greeted with tiny shards of glass pebbling the pavement. Confused, I glanced around quickly and didn’t notice anything abnormal until…

MY WINDOW!!!!!!! No, no, no, no, NO!! Why ME? WHY today of all days?

Breathless and dizzy with confusion I felt the world circling around me in a haze. People rushed to me as I wept helplessly. I had not decided on what I wanted for security so I didn’t have anything installed yet, this is neighborhood seemed safe so I thought I had time……I thought I had more time… Most everything was destroyed or stolen. I lost everything because I didn’t protect my shop. What was I thinking? Devastated and surrendering to gravity of my situation, I picked up my phone and called the Police.

All too often we think that we have more time to invest in or upgrade a security system.  We may notice that every so often it’s glitchy and choose to ignore it, we may feel indebted to the old security guard who has roamed the building for years yet a surveillance system could certainly compliment his service. Maybe we wanted to add more sensors or cameras but haven’t yet, or perhaps we are simply unsatisfied with the current set up in some way, but fail to make the necessary changes until it’s too late.

What are you waiting for?

We all know it will cost twice as much later and much more in the weight of regret. Change is imminent and change is good. Keep your investments secured with the latest in SMART HD technology so you can feel confident that your assets are protected properly.

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