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How well do you sleep at night?

Does worry and stress have you tossing and turning all night?

Tired of trying to piece together hidden losses that are eating away at your profits?

Common struggles we hear about in the field relate to profits being choked away from fuel siphoning and theft on the job as well as tool and equipment theft on site, including heavy machinery. Were you aware that it only takes between 6-10 seconds for a large piece of heavy equipment to get loaded up and taken away?

Most of these crimes can happen right under our noses! Some thieves pose as contractors, during the day, claiming they are there to pick up some materials or a piece of equipment.

They look the part and seem to know what they are looking for so it can be easily  overlooked, especially when people are busy with tight timelines. At other times, heavy equipment, tools, trailers and even vehicles are left on site to use in the morning or when they are being stored over the winter months in more remote site locations. Security is usually pretty bare bones to save costs on the project, but is that really the best choice?

These are ideal targets for experienced and savvy opportunists. Many of these large pieces of heavy machinery use universal keys making it an incredibly easy item to load up quickly. The identification numbers are removed then the equipment gets shipped away for sale while you’re left scratching you head trying to figure out how this happened at lunch time with a full site of contractors at the time.  All they need is the right authority, the right look and great timing, to cost you thousands of dollars in the blink of an eye while leaving you without tangible leads to help you recoup your losses.

Not only that, but now you’d also have to fork out more money in replacement fees and downtime.  Most sites have opted for video surveillance but unless you’re using a quality camera system, the video will be useless. Who’s going to use blurry footage to ID a suspect? It’s vital to have crisp footage that obtains license plates of anyone arriving at the property and to capture the detail of the individual if at all possible and you can only get that with a high definition camera. Opt for built in infrared or external panels to really brighten the dark areas of your property so you can actually see what’s going on at nighttime. It doesn’t make sense to penny pinch on your security measures when you’ve invested a ton into a large project. Make your security work for you, find the right security partner to help you work with your budget and get your site covered properly. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all, regret is a bitter dish to swallow. Give us a call and we’ll show you what we have to offer in perimeter security as well as more economical solutions that still offer the high quality you need but at a cost you can work with.

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