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This is a crucial element to safeguard your business. The advancements in video surveillance offer high quality video camera systems that offer infrared capabilities and sharp resolution (with up to 4k resolution) so when you zoom in to view images they won’t pixelate right away as with lesser quality cameras and systems.

Higher quality camera systems can track changes in the physical environment and offer video alerts to be actioned. Since todays video surveillance systems run through the internet, we recommend setting up your system with a professionally installed and setup security router, for a value add layer, that will help you sleep at night.

Simple things such as remembering to change passwords routinely and opt for the monitoring packages rather than a do it yourself kit can make your experience with a surveillance system a lot more enjoyable than having issues with connections and security.


For many companies that work with more sensitive product lines and require higher security measures, facial recognition and fingerprint security is the way to go. This can easily be added to your existing security platform or consider having your existing platform upgraded to enhance the security benefits. This protects the products as well as the integrity of shipments and deliveries beyond a simply or ‘standard’ security and access control system. It also provides a means of tracking individuals who have access to the property, products and restricted areas at all times.


Many people have a basic firewall offered by their standard internet modem supplied to them for ‘free’ from the internet provider to protect them. Unfortunately in today’s ever advancing and connected world an optimal security system needs to be layered to properly protect all systems and hardware.

Remember that the benefits of new technology may be wonderful but there are hidden hazards to be aware of. Don’t forget to pay attention to the details and tighten up any security gaps that could leave you vulnerable for an attack or have you suddenly locked out of your systems. As technology advances, these concerns will only be more prevalent unless high quality security is layered to prevent any losses and these are only the beginning reasons to work with a qualified security integration company to properly install your systems and secure them from all sides locally and through the internet.

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It seems like life keeps getting easier for handling our day to day affairs thanks to the new advancements in technology. We have smart phones, smart watches, smart home control devices, smart security systems, your printers and blue tooth enabled devices and even more recently, smart fridges. The Smart fridge, for example, allows a person the capability to peek inside their fridge while out grocery shopping to see what they already have or need. All of these items have been designed to create more ease and efficiency to our day to day living but there’s one major concern that seems to be overlooked…

Getting hacked.

Anything that is WiFi enabled or connected to the internet or a network leaves your home and business susceptible to opportunistic hackers. Your home and business are vulnerable to attack by easy entry points such as your printer, your fridge or your security systems if you don’t put proper layers of security from your internet through all your connected devices. There have even been cases where property sites have been breached by persons that stationed themselves on the perimeter of the property, with a long range access point, to gain entry into systems that weren’t properly secured on the network and cyber security levels.

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