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It was a really exhausting week! Between waking up to go to a job that hasn’t been feeling like a good fit anymore, to tending to the super active children at home and dealing with a relationship that’s falling apart.

It’s taken every ounce of motivation to just make it through the day. The days have felt so much heavier since losing dad and his guidance would really come in handy right now so I figured maybe it’s time to visit his final resting place and take a moment to myself to breathe.
My wife thankfully picked up on my weighted demeanor and encouraged me to take a break to get out of the house. I jumped at the opportunity, dropped the convertible top down on my peppy black Audi TT convertible, and let the wind sail through my hair.

Sweet relief. Just having a quiet moment to myself to pay my respects and walk peacefully through the quiet cemetery grounds felt so welcoming. This is exactly what I need to help myself reset! For a brief moment a smile blessed my face. I slid into a parking stall closest to the gate and was elated to see it was empty. Ah, this day is finally getting better! I stepped out of my car and sauntered up the lone path through the grounds when suddenly my body slammed to a halt.

 I felt like I had walked right into a brick wall! My dad’s gravestone was ruined! Someone had smashed off the top left corner and the small golf statue on top was missing. I was devastated! How could someone do this? I felt sick to my stomach, I felt disgusted and violated in so many ways. My eyes darted around quickly to find cameras or any evidence of who did this when I spotted a groundskeeper nearby. I bolted over to him and filled him in and I was even more upset when I discovered they didn’t have a video surveillance system or alarm system in place. Not only that, but it turns out that this was the third incident this week! I wept, I literally wept…..how could this happen?

Sadly, many cemeteries still don’t have a proper surveillance and intrusion system in place to cover the grounds or visitor check-in points. This can pose a serious security concern for visitors to the property and to the precious memorial plots and spaces that the loved ones have erected in their honor. Common incidents reported are of vandalism, trespassing, damage and looting. Not only is this costly to fix but it’s devastating emotionally. Security guards that patrol the grounds are helpful, but not enough in this day and age. Having a high quality well designed HD video surveillance and perimeter security system in place is an incredible preventative measure to reduce and detour acts of vandalism and damage in cemeteries, and would add a layer of comfort to those laying loved one’s to rest at these burial spots.

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