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I shuddered. It was a nippy evening as I left the house to take Rocky, our 4 month old golden Lab dog, out for a quick walk.

Rocky had so much energy these days and loved trampling through my neighbor, John’s, prized flower beds. John slaved at weeding out his yard all spring and it was now a spectacular, bountiful cascade of color. As we walked by his house, I stopped dead in my tracks… someone was crying violently! I whipped around startled and raced up the driveway so fast I almost collided head on with his wife Suzan.

Her eye makeup streaked across her cheeks and her eyes were wide with worry, “John’s missing!” she shrieked.
Apparently he had missed  his afternoon  shift at the mill and no one could reach him. Suzan just came home for dinner and found his cell phone on the front porch with the front door wide open.

The weeding was partially completed and garden tools lay scattered along the flower beds. Breathless, she let me know that the police were on their way and she begged me for help as she paced up and down the yard frantically.

My eyes darted around the property for any clue or sign that might lead us in a positive direction when suddenly something at the front of the house glinted in the moonlight. It was a security camera mounted above the front door.  “That’s it!” I gasped. Suzan and I raced into the house and called the security company that was monitoring their house.  Within minutes, we had spoken to the Manager who assured us they’d review the video footage for the past 24 hours. Suzan thanked them profusely as as the police arrived at the house. The officer took over with the monitoring company and shortly after we received word that John had been spotted earlier that morning in the front yard. He had been decked out in his gardening clothes and stood up sharply at one point, looking around confused. John walked off the property alone and was seen entering the forested area across the street. With a lead finally present, the police activated an immediate search. It felt like the whole neighborhood was out front, everyone was helping search the surrounding areas and assisting the police in their search the best they could. Suzan and I were hopeful he’d turn up safe and sound but we also couldn’t help but think of the worst. Suzan mentioned that John had been battling dementia for quite some time and it’s been getting worse. She didn’t want to have to put him in a home, but now that he’s wandered off she wondered if that’s even a viable or safe option now. Big decisions had to be made I guess.

We jumped slightly as a ringtone pierced the tension in the air. Suzan took a deep breath and answered….John was safe! I left Suzan to finish up with the police and walked back home grateful that the home security system I noticed earlier helped find my neighbor.  I guess security isn’t only for keeping your house safe, it can save  lives too!

Home security and surveillance systems can help detour and prevent crimes from occurring but they can also help out other people’s property crimes or locate someone in the event of an incident in the area, depending on the location of you camera systems. In many news related situations lately, it’s been noted that  home surveillance systems have helped identify suspects of car vandalism and burglaries, of property damage and theft, and in tracking people of interest. CCTV systems have come along way since they were first introduced to the market. It’s best to get a high quality HD camera system in place and to opt in for the monitoring package too. This way you have expert eyes guarding your property and notifying you and/or the police immediately in the event of any unanticipated activity at your home or business.

Choose a company who really hears your concerns and takes the time to help map out the most ideal strategy for your property with a complimentary risk assessment. Remember, it’s quality not quantity that you are looking for. The best bang for your buck may hinder more than help. Choose wisely and secure with SMART technology!

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