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What’s valuable in your office space?

What if your computer was destroyed or went missing, would your files and documents be compromised? Would your business be operable without it?

What happens if your inventory was stolen? What would that cost you?

According to Stats Canada, in 2014 there were 29, 874 break and enter crimes documented in British Columbia alone while across Canada there were 151,921 recorded incidents. Having a security system, be it basic or video enabled, is imperative to keeping your business safe from vandalism or theft.  Having a visible business security system in place deters thieves from considering entering your property. External dangers are far from the only reason businesses opt for security surveillance. Internally it’s helpful for Management to check in on shipments and deliveries, to monitor and protect staff as well, as well as to ensure that policies and procedures are being followed.

Wouldn’t it be valuable to be notified if a fire exit was blocked to avoid hefty fines? Wouldn’t it be beneficial to know that your store or business was opened on time or closed early? How would it feel to be able to remotely access your cameras and security system, for multiple locations, from one single application from your mobile device?

With so many systems to choose from it can get really confusing so I’m here to make life much simpler for you. There are some key factors to keep in mind when selecting a security provider or when changing providers.

  • First, choose a company that offers you QUALITY not QUANTITY. Free business security equipment may sound amazingly attractive but in many cases, it’ll cost you in the end. Many companies offer a promotion like this but will not give you the passwords when and if you choose to continue your monitoring with another company. Make sure to confirm what’s included in the promotion and get the details for what it will cost you to leave. You can find companies who give you your passwords and who will let you own the equipment. Who wants used equipment anyways?
  • Find a company that takes the time to work with you to meet your needs. If someone is just offering you a cookie cutter approach, chances are, you’re not being serviced properly. Every situation and every property has a different design layout and safety concern to cater to. Those are important to voice when having a system designed for you. You can be economical in your choices of equipment so long as what’s valuable to you is properly secured in the design.
  • Stay connected and keep educating yourself on what’s trending and hot in the industry. Sign up for complimentary newsletters that update you on technology that you’d find interesting, to give you special offers and to advise of anything changing in the industry. This new technology is really beneficial for accessibility, management, and efficiency. In many cases it will help save you money in other areas too!
  • Find a company that offers seamless integration of your video surveillanceintrusion and access control for ease of management. You CAN access everything from one application!
  • Find scalable systems so if you own multiple properties, you can see all of your cameras from one platform while you’re on the go.
  • Finally, find a ‘one-stop-shop’ provider so that billing is made easy. Life is SO much better when you only have one person to call when you have questions that need answers!

Tri West Technologies is a company that meets all of these needs and more. We want your experience with us to be pleasant, smooth and long-lasting. We offer high-quality solutions at reasonable prices so that you can have the most rewarding experience possible. At the end of the day, if you’re happy, that makes us happy and we strive for excellence.

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