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Farmers face many challenges on a daily basis and need simple, quick and effective strategies to put in place so that they can focus on the running of the business. Chances are you’ve been faced with many harsh realities to seriously consider such as; How can I secure my office, one or more barns and buildings, tack room, oil and fuel, keep an eye on my  livestock, equipment and tools without physically being here? When foaling, calving and lambing, how can I monitor my livestock to make sure that I know if I need to assist a worker helping or to know if the animal is in distress, day or night? How can I secure the perimeter of my property and multiple exits/entrances and be notified of any visitors during the day and night? 

How can I achieve this all and not be strapped to a monitor or have to keep physically checking in multiple times during the day? It can be incredibly time consuming and frustrating with so many options available to know what is best for your situation and why.

So consider this, what if you could be in and out of your home and office during the day or night, working out in the field, running errands and still be able to check in at any moment to see what was going on at your farm?

What if you could be notified the moment anyone stepped onto your property or something was removed from a specific area after hours? How much easier would your life be to be able to have a relaxing night at home with your family rather than having to be on call to check on your livestock? This kind of information offers the benefit of peace knowing your farm is safe and you are covered.

Let’s connect and share information about new technology and designs that do several jobs at once and that have the ability to monitor one or multiple areas from one platform so that you can be more efficient and have more time in your day to use on more pleasurable activities.

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